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Vanport Station
Interstate MAX, Portland, OR

Vanport MAX Station

This station is located the site of the historic city of Vanport and its dramatic destruction in one afternoon by wave of water on Memorial Day May 30, 1948.  This marshy floodplain along the Columbia River was selected for housing for the tens of thousands of ship workers during World War ll. It was also home to the growing Black Community in a city and state with a deep history of institutionalized racism. See Art Beat video below


Vanport/Delta Park Station Platform: mosaic maps - historic city of Vanport and convergence of the rivers bronze handrail composed of Vanport artifacts fabricated by Michael Creeger


Storm water swale treats water collected from the bridge and the parking lot, the 3 corten roof sculptures refer to the flood and remnants from the foundation of the former movie theater set into the sidewalk, allowing contemporary travelers to literally walk where the residents once stood. images - fall and spring

Waterline - a water quality pond/sculpture site with arcs of steel that reference the Liberty Ships produced at the Kaiser Shipyards is a functioning waterquality pond that filters water from the parking area and provides habitat for wild life.

That the land is a highly managed is referenced by the steel arcs and the basalt boulder that is paired with stacked welded steel bound together with glowing fiber optics.

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