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Resident Residency 2014

      with Katy Asher, Ariana Jacob, Khris Soden, Mack McFarland & Krista Connerly

Resident Residency, an artist residency program begun in January 2014, invites artists to participate in their respective Portland, Oregon, neighborhood association meetings as a context for developing participatory public artworks. Artists work as organizers, researchers, activists and fellow neighbors to create projects that are engaging, playful, and thought provoking in their own communities.

Sabin Now and Then

      Linda Wysong artist-in-resident Sabin Neighborhood  

Coffee Shop Office Hours

Sharing the History and the Story of Gentrification

Lewis Family long time residents

 Recalling Jazz Clubs & Albina Community  destroyed by Emanuel Hospital renewal.

Father worked on Liberty Ships

Welder in Kaiser Shipyards as young woman

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