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Moving Circles
National Building Museum, Washington DC
April 6 - 13, 1989.

 Moving Circles,  Performance at National Building Museum


Moving Circles was a collaboration between artist and journeyman carpenter, Linda Wysong, the National Building Museum and over 100 union carpenters, laborers, ironworkers and operating engineers.


This performance/sculpture was included in the District Curators, season of arts performances for spring 1989. Supported by many labor organizations, including: United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America, Building & Construction Trades, International Laborers Union, International Association of Bridge, Structural, and Ornamental Iron Workers, International Union of Electrical Workers, Operating Engineers Local 77, Carpenters Local 247 and Coalition of Labor Union Women.

Moving Circles Performance Sculpture in the National Building Museum  Washington DC 1989
                            video: 7:35. edited by Virginia  Quesada and Pamela Chipman

Moving Circles is a living kinetic Sculpture that changes throughout its existence. The movements of the craftspeople, the visitors who walk through the space, the passage of time, and the physical changes in the structure are all part of the piece.

Over one week the work was constructed and then came down. Assembled from over fifty tons of modular steel, wood forms and hardware, the sculpture is composed concentric circles. The form is a tribute to the building and a showcase for the movement, skill and choreography of work.

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