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Finding The Forest

Forest Park, Portland, Oregon 1991
conceived and produced by Linda K. Johnson
participating artists:Bill Boese, Julie Keefe, John Klicker, Jerry Mayer, Mary Oslund, Michael Stirling, Mike Van Liew, Tim Warner and Linda Wysong

Entrance installation by Bill Boese

An interdisciplinary walk along a 3.5 mile loop in Forest park, where one encountered, music, dance and art along the way on the path in the trees and hidden in ravens.

Finding The Forest

Wysong’s contribution was to create 10 unique sitting places along the path.

Kick your feet up and rest a while. As you sit down, you suddenly and often quite unexpectedly shift your vision. You slow your pace, alter your eye level, change your direction and silence the noise of progress. 

Sound bench along Holman way
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