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Ross Island, one place several investigations

Ross Island was originally a group of 4 islands: Ross, East, Tack and Toe Islands. The stones in the rich gravel beds were brought down from Montana by the Missoula Flood at the end of the Pleistocene age. Before the conquest, the Willamette River was so shallow at this location; one could walk across the waist deep water.  As the city of Portland grew, the Olmsted Landscape firm proposed (1903) that the island become a park accessible by a pedestrian bridge with a formal garden and green lawns. The Olmsted plan was never realized. Instead, the land was purchased (1924) by an investor for industrial gravel mining. Ross Island has been the inspiration for many projects.

Second Look, inside Ross Island 2016.   (intentionally no sound)

Linda Wysong 5:35 min

with Jody Darby, editor and Adam Simmons, drone pilot. 2016 This is a video journey with no sound. The absence of sound is intended to focus on the visual contrast of how this island in the middle of the Willamette River (Portland Oregon) appears from the shore and the reality from the air. Ross Island has been mined for sand and gravel between 1926-2001 – leaving only a narrow perimeter and creating a deep lifeless lagoon. This work was created as a looping video gallery installation.

a birds eye video

Second Look - video Stills

Exhibition at Indivisible Gallery

Double Difference with Linda K. Johnson Indivisible Gallery    August 2016

 Double Difference, Indivisible Gallery, Portland, Oregon, August 2016


Print, multi-media 22" x 30'

Ross Island Karaoke 
     With Weird Allan Kaprow Collective 2015 - a postcolonial conceptual karaoke band -
              YokoBono and Jasper John Lennon: Guestwork, Mariah Carrie Mae Weems: Sharita Towne and Joseph Beuys II Men: Zachary Gough

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