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Art Plans

Jade Midway Districts Art Plan, 2016, funded by Transportation for America and the Kresge Foundation

SE Clay Green Street Community Design Plan, Bureau of Environmental Services, Portland Department of Transportation, Greenworks, LLC and KPFF Engineering, Portland Oregon. published  2010

Interstate MAX Art Plan - Design Team, Tri-met Light Rail, Portland, Oregon, 2000 - 2004.developed the over all Art Plan and conceptual framework for each station


Ecology & Place

Hardrock Revision Report to Hinsdale County, Catalog published by Colorado Art Ranch, 2011

South Waterfront Artist in Residence Program 2007-08, Catalog, conceived and edited by Linda K. Johnson, April 2009

Finding the Forest, Forest Park, Portland, Oregon: October 1991. Collaboration with Linda K.   Johnson & nine visual artists

    Kip Richardson, “The Forest alive with sound of music, movements of dance and works of art”, The Oregonian, October 7, 1991.

“Hardrock Revision”, Laura Pritchett, High Country News, November 28, 2011


Art and Labor

Rain and OMSI installation May 1987

             Oregon Labor Press, May 15, 1987

             Oregon Labor Press, April 1987


Moving Circles, National Building Museum, Washington DC, April 1989

            National Building Museum Press Release

            Exhibition pamphlet

            City Lights Paper, April 7, 1989,35.

            “Linda Wysong Creates, ‘Moving Sculptures’,  Image, Journal National       Association of Women in Construction,  September, 1989,4.

            Moving Circles, The Carpenter, May 1989


Foundations, “Eclectic At the Square”, Oregonian  June 6,1990

Intersection, performance/sculpture, Artquake, Portland, Oregon: August 31-September 1991. Collaboration with choreographer, Linda Kay Johnson.


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