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Beneath Our Feet
August 4 - September 22, 2005
Following the Big Pipe ....Portland, Oregon

produced with Pamela Chipman

Tracing the route, the video moved from the Westside to North Portland - Waterfront Park,  East Industrial site, Madrone Park, Arbor Lodge & Kenton neighborhoods.

Beneath Our Feet, takes you into the Big Pipe - a solution to the pollution of the Willamette River, an engineering feat and an example of environmental inequity since north Portland has historically been the location of brown fields, dumps and superfund sites. 

This the six-minute video loop takes the viewer under the street and into the14-foot diameter pipe. 

Engineering systems have traditionally been considered factual, efficient, and value neutral, but the reality is quite different. People design, build and use these systems that shape our lives – every step involves challenge, beauty, power and choice. These choices are often at the core of our experience and embody social and cultural assumptions so deeply rooted that they frequently go unnoticed.

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